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21y/o College Student at George Mason University. Music Performance Major. I play Oboe and Saxophone.


HELLO 2014! Well again, im really bad at this whole tumblr thing. but since im on the computer paying bills i figured i would post something. i dont really have any real resolutions. i guess what i really want this year to be is successful.

  1. -get into grad school
  2. -graduate
  3. -start cooking more
  4. -straighten out my life
  5. -practice more

seems like a pretty simple list. something i should be doing anyway.



Wow so I can’t believe it’s November already. Where has the time gone? It is ridiculous.


I have so many life decisions I need to make. Ugh and they are all coming way too fast. I need to do some soul searching. I am not sure if this is what I really want to do. I just feel like I got placed in a world where talent took me somewhere but not passion leading my successes. Know what I mean? I don’t. Well the decision of grad school is coming up. I have really learned and started to love it here. Even maybe more then I love living in Hawaii. Which is so strange, I mean, who passes up on Hawaii? But I really can see myself living here. All good friends and company and so many things to do. I don’t want to leave but then again is said the same thing before I left for college, “I don’t want to leave.” I have a month to decide. What do I do. The real world is coming and it scares me.

I wonder if I actually will end up just practicing on Halloween…


maybe this is all about karma. i have no idea what it was, but this just turned into the worst possible situation ever. seriously why do all good things have to come to a end in the worst possible ways ever. it never feels good. and why do i have to find this out now. right before the biggest weekend in my college career. who knows maybe its a sign. i have no idea. all i know is my emotions are taking over and i think my heart is in shreds. i try so very hard to make it, whatever it may be, and yet i always get torn to shreds. i guess its just a challenge. one day this will all pay off and this will all turn around i will end up in a situation so perfect i cant even think of it. in the meanwhile. ill just suck it up as much as possible. im trying to be a big boy…

Breakfast skillet. Demolished.

Breakfast skillet. Demolished.

Oh hey tumblr. I’ve missed you.